Fun For Everyone!

The Haileybury Curling Club was established in 1909.
We cater to everyone looking for a friendly place to curl. We offer a wide range of programs for non-curlers and curlers alike. Don’t worry about not having equipment, we have everything you need to get started.

Looking for a new social sport?

New to Curling?

Curling is a unique sport that requires both skill and strategy. It is often referred to as chess on ice. It is a lifelong sport that can be learned at any age. Whether playing in a fun league or in a competitive ladder the emphasis is always on sportsmanship and fair play. Being a social sport by nature, it is not uncommon for teams to socialize off the ice where lasting friendships are often made.


The Haileybury Curling Club is available to rent year round. The Lounge stays consistent but the ice comes out in April and transforms into a dance floor.

Bar Services

Worried about the insurance, staffing, inventory and licensing requirements for your next function? Give us a call to discuss year round bartending services.


Did I mention we also love curling! Our curling season runs from October to April. We offer programs that cater to youth, adults, and the seasoned curlers through the weekdays.

Why Choose US?

Come join our vibrant community at the Haileybury Curling Club! Every year, we welcome new members with or without curling knowledge.

Great value for your buck!

You won't find membership fees lower than ours anywhere else! Plus, our bar always has incredible bargains to keep your spirits high.

Best Ice in Northern Ontario

Unbeatable ice quality with our top-notch ice technicians and the purity of Jet Ice filtered water, our rinks offer an unparalleled, pristine surface for your stones to smoothly glide upon.

Warm & Welcoming Atmosphere

At our club, we're more than just teammates-we're a big, happy family. While we like to battle it out on the ice, we put the emphasis on the social camaraderie side of the game. It's a great way to meet people and stay active.